About Me


picture of the author Ashley Purnell

My name is Ashley Purnell, and I am not what you would call a “girly-girl.” Before entering college, I rarely did my makeup and the most I could do was simply braid my hair. One thing though that always interested me growing up was art, and how to create art with items other than basic paints or crayons. My uncle Jason, who is somewhat of a professional artist (in my opinion), really inspired me growing up through his creative art pieces. Once I got to college, my freshman year roommate really introduced me to makeup, as her collection was probably ten times the size of mine. She started showing me makeup videos on YouTube, and I grew to love watching them alongside her. My roommate then started a beauty Instagram account, which I helped take pictures for since I had some photography experience. From that point on, I continued to watch makeup videos from beauty influencers on YouTube and started to practice my makeup skills.  I have grown to love certain influencers, and believe they have a huge influence on the entire beauty industry, which is why more people should learn about some of them.

About the Blog

This blog talks all about the beauty industry and the men and women behind the camera on YouTube as beauty influencers. These “beauty gurus” have built a career based off their love for makeup and showcasing it off to the world.  Beauty influencers now do much more than make videos online, and many serve as the faces of some of the largest beauty brands in the world. As a public relations major and having studied brand. tactics for the past couple of years, I find it interesting to see how much reach these beauty gurus really have. Their influence on young adults is a key part of the success of the makeup industry, and I am here to talk about why.