Influencers Building a Beauty Empire

Through my previous blog posts, I have made it pretty clear that beauty influencers have an enormous reach on social media. Millions of people follow along with these gurus’ on their journey with not just makeup, but also life. Many gurus have started creating and sharing content that is non-beauty related. From videos such as what I eat in a day, workout routines or just daily follow-me-around vlogs, followers get an inside look at other aspects of their favorite gurus lives. By allowing their followers in, beauty influencers have built up a trusting and loyal community with their followers, and that has lead them to dominate the beauty industry.

Having built up such a strong community, influencers have been able to expand their passion for makeup and beauty into more than just tutorials. Beauty influencers have started creating their own makeup and beauty brands that are dominating the industry. Current makeup brands are now forced to compete with the influencers that also help promote their products and brand. These influencers know they have such a loyal following, and with that under their sleeves, they have a pretty good chance of being successful in the business world.

Personally, I am getting kind of tired of seeing so many beauty gurus venture out into the business world. When a couple of influencers started creating their own brands, it was exciting and was all the talk in the beauty industry at the time. However, it now seems as if someone is releasing a new brand or product every week, and the market is getting over saturated in my opinion. There is too much happening with all of these brand launches and some of it is starting to seem not as genuine.

I still do respect all of these influencers for following their dreams and creating their own brands because I know how much time they put into these brands. I also do love some of the brands these influencers have created, and think a lot of the products these influencers have created are some of the best in the industry.

Here are some of my favorite makeup brands created by influencers:
Image of Laura Lee for her first brand campaign

Laura Lee Los Angeles

With over four million YouTube subscribers and another two million on Instagram, Laura Lee was able to create her brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles. In September of 2017, Laura released her first makeup product, the Cat’s Pajama Eyeshadow Palette. The brand also sells different clothing items, and Laura says she will be releasing more makeup products as soon as possible.


Image of Jeffree Star for one of his brands campaign shots

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

With 6.5 million YouTube subscribers and 5.6 million Instagram followers, Jeffree Star has created a beauty empire with his enormous following that came along with him from his music industry days. Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which was created by Star in fall of 2014, includes a large range of products from eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks, highlighters and more. His latest makeup collection: The Blood Sugar Collection, sold out completely within an hour of the launch. Star continues to dominate the beauty industry by creating top-of-the-line makeup products and showing so much love for all of his followers.


Image of Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty for a campaign shot for her brandHuda Beauty

Huda Kattan is one of the most influential beauty gurus in the industry right now. With over 24.8 million followers on Instagram, her reach is beyond many other gurus. Her makeup brand, Huda Beauty, is sold all over the world. Some products include foundation, eyeshadow, highlight, lipsticks and her most popular: lashes. Her unique products and dominate brand sets her apart from other gurus.

Beauty gurus have a huge reach and influence with the makeup community, so by them creating brands, they are really setting themselves apart from others. I know more and more influencers are creating brands and that can be seen as annoying, but it just shows their love and passion for makeup and them wanting to give back to their followers.


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