Beauty Influencer’s Social Media Reach

Beauty influencers obviously have to “influence” their audiences through some sort of platform. For these gurus, social media is one of the best ways to communicate with their followers. In 2017, Forbes released their list of the top ten beauty influencers and gathered the amounts of all of their followers on different platforms. Together, these ten beauty gurus alone reach over 135,000,000 people on just four platforms. To put that in perspective, 135,000,000 is larger than the population of some major countries, including Canada and even Australia. This number is just for the top ten beauty influencers too, meaning this community is much larger than this number because there are thousands of beauty gurus all over the world. Social media is such an important aspect of these guru’s lives, and they continue to dominate these platforms by speaking to hundreds of millions of people every single day.

Infographic showing the social media reach of influencers and how it compares to world populations

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