Collaborating is Key: Influencer Edition

In my last post I gave a brief rundown of what beauty influencers are and all that they do for the beauty community. It is obvious to see that the reach they have on consumers in the beauty industry is enormous, and brands use this to their advantage. In the past couple of years, one tactic that brands have been using to increase sales and awareness of their brand is collaborating with beauty influencers. When influencers first started collaborating with makeup brands and putting their face on companies products, a lot of people were surprised. However, fast forward to now, and it seems as if every influencer has collaborated with at least one beauty brand, if not more. With these influencers having so many followers, it helps not only give the influencer professional experience in the makeup industry, but also helps brands gain more sales and awareness.

There are so many collaborations with influencers out on the market right now that it would take all day to name them all. Instead, I just want to point out some of my favorite collaborations and why I think they’re the best in the industry.

Desi x Katy: Dose of Colors

Image of Desi and Katy for their Dose of Colors campaign
Image provided by Dose of Colors

It is safe to say that Desi Perkins and Katy (also known as LustreLux) are my favorite beauty influencers. I have expressed before how much I love both of their personalities and I think they have built an amazing empire around their friendship and love for makeup. In August of 2017, Desi and Katy collaborated with makeup brand Dose of Colors to create an entire collaboration line called Desi x Katy. This collaboration included two highlighters, a eyeshadow quad, four lipsticks and a lipgloss. What I loved most about this line was the naming of all of their products. For example, each of them have two dogs, so for their eyeshadow quad each shadow name was each of their dogs nicknames. Their personalities really shined through the products they helped create, and I think that is a reason why this collaboration was so successful. The entire collection has sold out completely multiple times, and continues to be restocked constantly.

Nicole Guerriero: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Picture of Nicole Guerriero for her ABH Glow Kit campaign
Image provided by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Nicole Guerriero got her start with YouTube in 2010, and since then has grown her channel to almost 3 million subscribers. This guru is most known for her artistic halloween makeup looks, as well as her outstanding dramatic makeup. In March of 2017, Nicole collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills, a huge cosmetic brand, to create her signature Glow Kit. Nicole’s collaboration was a huge milestone in the beauty industry because she was one of the first YouTube influencers to work with such a large and established brand. ABH has over 16 million followers on Instagram alone, and have a very distinguished and successful brand due to their eyebrow products, as well as their previous highlighting pallets. This product originally sold out within a couple of hours, and the brand had to restock this product multiple times, even though it was supposed to be limited edition, just due to the high demand. I loved this product because Nicole’s touch was clearly there and the product itself is absolutely amazing. It comes with six different highlighting shades, and I always make sure my roommate uses this product on me whenever she does my makeup.


Picture of ILUVSARAHII for her Colourpop Campaign
Image provided by Colourpop

ILUVSARAHII, also known as Karen, actually got her influencer start on Instagram, and later moved to YouTube. In May of 2017, Karen collaborated with cosmetic brand Colourpop to create an entire collection designed by her. What is so special about this collaboration was that it was with a cheaper brand that so many of her followers could afford. The past two collaborations I covered had products that were as much as $40. However, for this collaboration, the ENTIRE COLLECTION was only $54 for everything. This collection includes two eyeshadow quads, three lip pencils and three liquid lipsticks.  This is the type of collaboration I think so many people needed, because for makeup lovers, it is hard to constantly keep buying products that are expensive. Ever since her collaboration, Karen has continued to work with Colourpop and help create makeup bundles with them and promote their brand constantly on her Instagram page.

Picture of ILUVSARAHII with a look from her collaboration with Colourpop
Image provided by Colourpop
Picture of ILUVSARAHII with a look from her collaboration with Colourpop
Image provided by Colourpop


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