Influencers Building a Beauty Empire

Through my previous blog posts, I have made it pretty clear that beauty influencers have an enormous reach on social media. Millions of people follow along with these gurus' on their journey with not just makeup, but also life. Many gurus have started creating and sharing content that is non-beauty related. From videos such as… Continue reading Influencers Building a Beauty Empire

Beauty Influencer’s Social Media Reach

Beauty influencers obviously have to "influence" their audiences through some sort of platform. For these gurus, social media is one of the best ways to communicate with their followers. In 2017, Forbes released their list of the top ten beauty influencers and gathered the amounts of all of their followers on different platforms. Together, these… Continue reading Beauty Influencer’s Social Media Reach

Collaborating is Key: Influencer Edition

In my last post I gave a brief rundown of what beauty influencers are and all that they do for the beauty community. It is obvious to see that the reach they have on consumers in the beauty industry is enormous, and brands use this to their advantage. In the past couple of years, one… Continue reading Collaborating is Key: Influencer Edition

So, What is a Beauty Influencer Anyways?

135,000,000- the number of people that the Forbes top 10 beauty influencers of 2017 reached through their social media outlets. A beauty influencer can be defined in many ways, as many influencers have different focuses and career paths. To me, beauty influencers are the middleman between brands and their target audience. Beauty brands reach out to… Continue reading So, What is a Beauty Influencer Anyways?